Four strategies to become a better player [updated]

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If you love playing pokies like millions of other people around the world, you probably wonder how you can make your time online with these awesome games a lot more enjoyable while seeing some success along the way as well. Well, many people will give you their keys to success, but the truth is that there is no tried and true strategy to winning these games all the time. Unless you just don’t play.

Even though there is no way to beat the operating system of the pokies, there are some ways to ensure that you have a little fun and save a little money. There are plenty of success tips that you’ll learn along the way, and you may even have several in your arsenal already. However, if you’re new to pokies or if you feel the need to get back to basics, you’ll find this guide to be helpful to at least play longer and enjoy it more. Let's start with the Australian news on pokies of this week. Read: 'Four strategies to become a better player [updated]'

What are 'Sticky Wilds' when playing online pokies?

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Some of the bonus features you’ll experience playing the online pokies, as well as those in an Australian casino, include special symbols. These symbols can increase your winnings tremendously if they land in the right spot and match up with the proper symbols.

If you’re like many other players, you’ll love the “sticky wilds” symbols that appear in some bonus features on games such as “Quick Hits”. What “sticky wilds” mean is that once a wild symbol lands on the screen, it remains there for the remaining spins during the feature. As you can probably tell, these frozen in time symbols can mean that your bankroll can grow rather quickly.

Just as with anything else you encounter, there are pros and cons to sticky wilds offered in bonus features on the pokies. This guide explains what those pros and cons are. Read: 'What are 'Sticky Wilds' when playing online pokies?'

Here are a few tips on how to play community pokies

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Most of the time, it’s just you and the reels, as you sit there hoping the land in a manner that you want to increase your wealth. But there are more and more games that are providing the ability to play with other people.

When you play the community pokies, then you’ll see a few other people, playing with you. The only difference is how much each of you win during the community bonus feature. Since each game is different, check out several to see if you might be interested in playing along from time to time.

When you play these games, you won’t be playing against other people, but with them. It’s a little different than just trying to make the reels fall in your favor. You will play together with the bonus feature hits, which is a random occurrence. This guide explains what you need to know and how to bet during these community bonus feature games. Read: 'Here are a few tips on how to play community pokies'

The joy and agony of online pokies with multiple bonus features

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Winning money is the main reason you want to play. However, some people play for the fun of it. They love the entertainment value the games offer and winning money is just icing on the cake.

If you think that you might want to play to experience the most entertainment possible, you might go for online pokies that provide bonus features during your play. When certain symbols (usually scatter symbols) land on the screen, you’ll be transported to an area where you’re providing with free spins, a pick and choose bonus or some other bonus that can significantly increase your bankroll without you having to add any additional funds.

Some games have multiple bonus features. However, these games are somewhat of a double-edged sword. For the most part, they are quite enjoyable. But to be fully prepared to play, take a look at the how multiple bonus feature games can make you joyful or sad, and when you should play them. But first, here's the news of the week. Read: 'The joy and agony of online pokies with multiple bonus features'

The benefits and drawbacks of 3-reel pokies - Does anyone play them anymore?

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If you love to keep things simple and want to play games that are not so complicated and “busy”, then you probably love the simple mechanical movements of the 3 reel pokies. These games are pretty straightforward and they don’t have many symbols to worry about.

Most of the symbols of the 3 reel pokies include 7s, bars, cherries, and different wild symbols depending on the game that you’re playing. But even though these games are simpler than their 5 reel counterparts, they can still offer a great amount of money when the right symbols land on the center reel.

As with all the other games there are both benefits and draw backs to playing the 3 reel, one pay line pokies. If you’re not use to them, they might take some getting accustomed to, but if you’re looking for a relaxing time, and don’t mind not having too much excitement, then this guide of the benefits and drawbacks of the 3 reel online pokies will tell you everything you need to know. Read: 'The benefits and drawbacks of 3-reel pokies - Does anyone play them anymore?'

Four simple rules you should always follow when playing

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If you’re hoping to get in on the action, you might think that it is just a matter of inserting your money in the machine, or making a deposit online, then just pushing the button and hoping the odds are in your favour.

It’s true that you’re at the mercy of the reels and you can pretty much expect to hope that they land in your favour, due to the randomness of the games. But you’ll find that there are some tips that you can employ to help your bankroll last longer so you can enjoy more chances to win. Here are four lucky tips that you can put into action as you begin play for the first time, or if you want to start playing online pokies for the first time ever. Read: 'Four simple rules you should always follow when playing'